Adding id attribute to the h1 in textile doesn't work. (BB-9775)

Issue #8633 open
Stanislav Kapulkin
created an issue

The code below works good in emulator window in

"Our plans and tasks":#plansAndTasks

h1(#plansAndTasks). Our plans and tasks

So, let make a plan for everything.

But in real wiki article the id attribute for html <h1></h1> doesn't appear.

Real code with russian text:

h1. Содержание

* Home
** "Наши планы и задачи":#plansAndTasks
** "Встречи":#meetengs

h1(#plansAndTasks). Наши планы и задачи

Задачи = текущие заказы + будущие заказы + внутренние

h1(#meetengs). Встречи

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Stanislav,

    Thanks for the report.

    The library we use to render Textile, python-textile, doesn't support IDs or any custom attributes in the restricted mode we're running it under. Fixing this while still not allowing arbitrary HTML will require us to rewrite parts of the library. I've put an issue in our internal backlog to address in the future. You can follow this issue to receive updates about it.

  2. Gerry Christiansen

    This needs to get fixed. As developers for connect framework, we are severely limited in the types of plugins we can build for the cloud platform. I now understand why there are so few plugins that are available in the cloud version of Atlassian products. When is this going to get fixed?

  3. Michael

    This is pretty weird that amongst all markup languages, only reStructured Text allows to assign our own IDs. For maintenance's sake, I can't deal with auto generated ID.

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