Api v2.0 dont have endpoint `/api/2.0/user` as version1 has (BB-9856)

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Timo Sulg created an issue


I noticed that after successful oauth process i cant fetch profile info for authorized user. Version.1 has nice endpoint to acquire authorized user's profile, but sadly not version2.

Is it on purpose. If yes, what is reason/backstory behind that weird behaviour?

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff
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    The 2.0 API does not yet contain all the same endpoints as the 1.0 API. We continue to support the 1.0 API while we work on this. We do not have an eta on when this will be done in the 2.0 API.

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    This issue has been closed due to inactivity. If you continue to see problems, please reopen or create a new issue.

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