Hook fires only once for commit even if pushed to multiple branches (BB-9847)

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I'm using deployhq for automated deployments. I keep a master, a staging and a live branch to keep code separate. I mostly work on master. When I think it should be deployed to the staging server, I checkout staging, merge master into it, and then push to remote staging. The problem is, if I already pushed the same commit to remote master, pushing to remote staging will not fire the post hook again.

The automated deployment gets the payload, sees that it's on branch master, and ignores it. It does not get the payload with branch staging in it (which it should use for deployment).

So essentially unless I push to staging first, I can't get automated deployments working. This is true when trying to deploy to a live site once everyone gave the thumbs up on the staging. Ideally it would be a checkout live, merge staging, push upstream live, and done.

Any plans on making bitbucket fire hooks on push?

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We do in fact send a POST for branch updates, but it contains no commits. Deploy HQ will need to utilize our branches-tags API endpoint to determine state for the time being. Otherwise, we may consider updating the POST hook in the future to add more metadata about what was committed/updated.

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