Default repository access granted to a team's groups aren't assigned when transferring repositories (BB-9787)

Issue #8651 closed
Dino Kovač
created an issue

I'm just going to describe the steps to reproduce as far as I can remember.

  1. Create a new repository
  2. Add a person to the repository (write access), lets call him Ivan
  3. Create a new team
  4. Add Ivan to the team
  5. Transfer the repository ownership to the team
  6. At this point in the team members management Ivan has access to the repositories because he is in the team Developers which has write access to the team repos. So I decided to remove his "Direct access" permission so I don't have duplication.

Soon after that, Ivan can't push to the repository anymore, altough he should still have access right because he is in the team.

I fixed this by going to the repository page and explicitly adding the group Developers to the repo with write access.

Note: Steps 4 and 5 may have been reversed - I can't remember anymore.

Feel free to contact me if you need further details.

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