Repository admin is able to delete the repository

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As i understand from reading:,+Set+Permissions,+and+Review+Account+Plans


Only repository owners should be allowed to delete it, but i deleted several repositories from this account only being granted admin access to them.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sory, i posted the issue from the team account when the problem was tested with this account ricardo_gols.

  2. Anonymous

    If that's the case, what's the difference between repository owner and admin? We are evaluating bitbucket and we are in need to set an user that can administer repository users but be unable to delete it, is there another way to accomplish that?

  3. Nicolas Venegas

    The main difference is that for billing purposes, users of a repository contribute to the owner's plan. Also, clearly, the repository URL contains the owner's username.

    There isn't anything exactly for what you're after, i.e., an admin that can grant permissions to a repository but not delete it. However, if you create a team, you can create a group of team admins. Team admins can then create other groups to manage users who are (automatically) granted permissions to repositories created under the team. You can also decide whether those admins automatically have access to repositories themselves (but a team admin can always add themselves to a group that would get access to repositories, so it isn't foolproof).

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