Private Abuse Report Form (BB-9789)

Issue #8658 open
Luke Maciak
created an issue

BitBucket should have an abuse report form that would allow users to report harassment, hate speech, bullying, illegal content and other violations privately. It should be possible to report users and possibly also select repositories.

Instead of creating public support tickets that are open for comments abuse repots would be only accessible to BitBucket staff who could review each case and decide an appropriate action, without.

The reasoning behind this is that reporting abuse via a public ticket makes the submitter vulnerable to retaliation from the person being reported.

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  1. Neil Mayhew

    Why was this issue closed? If it's been implemented, please include a reference to the commit or release. Please also make it easier to find the feature on the site, since I wasn't able to find it.

    If it hasn't been implemented, please explain why not.

  2. Jesse Yowell staff

    Hi all,

    This issue is fairly old, so I'd like to provide an update: Our security incidents are now handled by the Atlassian Security team: -- you're more than welcome to file a support ticket on, but be assured that we will look into each issue and do what we can involving spam, and any sort of illegal activity on our platform.


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