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Issue #8659 new

Create issues via email (BB-9790)

Anonymous created an issue

I would like to request the ability for us to create issues for a specific project's repo issue tracking by simply sending an email to a specialty address, i.e. issues@my-repo.bitbucket.org - this is something quite common in many other issue tracking suites (Github included). We really shouldn't have to roll our own with the Bitbucket API :(

Our repo's are almost always websites, so specifically, we would use this in conjunction with a 'Submit an issue' link in a site's footer. We do this currently, but when I receive an issue via email I then have to manually create the issue ticket in Bitbucket.

I've heard the argument that this may open a repo's issue tracking up to spam - well, leave that up to me and make it optional or something! I would rather have the feature and sometimes remove spam issues if we ever received them. Plus, we typically use an obfuscation script on sites to hide email address from bots and such by converting the plain text email address to encoded text.


Comments (37)

  1. Vishal Verma

    I think this feature is important given that it provides an easy access to create issues even when offline on a outlook client. Whenever connection is back, mail clients will take care of sending mails. The feature would need to provide some basic rules like, only registered email IDs can create issues.

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