enable `backspace` key shortcut in source browser

Issue #8665 wontfix
Ali Vakilzade
created an issue

in source browser page i can select and open a file or dir with keyboard shortcuts (j,k,o,enter) I think It's good to have backspace to move back from opened file or path (i know I can use ali+left arrow but I think backspace is better)

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    It seems to me that browsers, e.g., Chrome and Firefox, already make BACKSPACE go back to the previous page.

    A quick test of BACKSPACE in the source browser works as expected to navigate back through the directory/file structure.

    What browser are you using in which you don't see this behaviour?

  2. Ali Vakilzade reporter
    firefox 26.0
    ubuntu 13.10
    active keyboard layout = en 

    I've created a new profile and backspace doesn't work there too.

    also the keyboard shortcuts reload the whole page, I was more thinking about something ajaxy for browsing (just like when I use mouse)


  3. Brian Nguyen


    After testing in Firefox, the backspace button already works as you would expect (it does not reload the page). It sounds like a problem with the browser not catching backspace properly though.

    Cheers, Brian

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