Time of comments counted in wrong way?

Issue #8698 resolved
Michał Gruca
created an issue

HI all, I've been checking when comment to issue had been posted and found that something is wrong with how time is counted.

When I hovered over time of issue creation, it stated that issue had been created at 22:05 When I hovered over time of comment, it stated that comment had been posted at 21:35

In attachment 3 screenshots. Overview of ticket, and hover result on each of times

Cheers, Michal

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  1. Michał Gruca reporter

    and as we speak about time, I've just checked and I don't see timezone anywhere in my profile. Site tells me that my issue is posted at 16:16, so it's not here for about an hour ;)

  2. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Michał,

    This was a bug, and we released a fix for it yesterday. The reported time for issues being created was shown as off by an hour. The issue data was correct, but we were reporting it incorrectly. It should show correctly now.


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