Issue creation time for anonymous user is incorrect

Issue #8706 resolved
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The time for when an issue is created by an anonymous user is incorrect.

There are two problems:

  1. The time is off by one hour
  2. The mouse-over time is displayed in GMT/UTC instead of local time for me (the viewer). This is inconsistent with the comments of regular users for which the time is displayed as local time.



Anonymous user's post time

<time datetime="2014-01-06T18:29:15.670634" title="6 January 2014 18:29">an hour ago</time>
  1. The post was created 12:29 PM EST (GMT-5), which means the datetime attribute should have been "2014-01-06T17:29:15.670634" or "2014-01-06T12:29:15.670634-05:00".
  2. The mouse over display time should be displayed in my local time, which should have been "6 January 2014 12:29"

Regular user's post time

<time title="6 January 2014 12:59" datetime="2014-01-06T12:59:11-05:00" data-title="true">an hour ago</time>

This is correct and is exactly as expected

The incorrect time from the issue creation implies that the issue was created after the comment, which is impossible.

Update: The timezone issue seems to affect non-anonymous users too... see Not sure when this issue was created though so I don't know whether it was off by an hour too as the comment could have been posted 1hr 2 mins later.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    When hovering over the issue creation time, we displayed that time incorrectly, for both anonymous users and authenticated users. We released a fix for this yesterday, so the time should be reported correctly now.


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