Improve handling of pull request with many files

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Nate Brustein
created an issue

When a pull request has many files, everything is just really slow. It would be nice to actually be able to use the interface to view the diff on even a large pull request.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Nate,

    We've done a bit of work around this recently, but maybe that wasn't enough. Can you give us some more information to help us take care of this? What type of slowness are you seeing? About how many files causes this type of slowness?

  2. Nate Brustein reporter

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for your message.

    It's probably around 50 files or so that starts to cause issues.

    Anytime I get the message that says something like "There were too many files to load, please click here to try to load file", and I have to click, it feels like I'm waiting a long time to look at each change.

    There are other issues, but I'll have to wait until I have a long pull request to browse so that I can point things out more specifically.

    • Nate

    Note: Sometimes, a bunch of files are just there because a folder was moved, and I'm not really interested in looking at any of those anyway.

  3. Nate Brustein reporter

    I went to mess around a little bit with a big PR, and it didn't seem too bad, except for the waiting to load files when I click "This diff was too big for us to render on page load. Click here to try to load it"

    I feel like in the past it may have been really sluggish to create comments. Maybe you guys did some work there?

  4. Zachary Davis

    We did do some work recently to improve things like scrolling and commenting on large PRs. We are aware that the experience around large PRs is still far from ideal, and we are planning to tackle that in the future.

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