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Issue #8712 duplicate

Repository Search only finds results on current page

Josh Laseter
created an issue

The Bitbucket team homepage is now paginated, but the "Find Repository" search box on that homepage is only filter the current page's results, not actually searching the full list of repositories.

The impact is that this makes it extremely difficult to locate a repository that isn't one of the 10 most recently changed because it will not even be on a consistent page.

Minor priority -- work around is to tab through all pages of repositories.

Comments (5)

  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Josh,

    The list of repositories on a user or team profile should be searching through all the repositories, not just on the current page. We do have a limitation currently where you can only search from the beginning of the repository name. Is that what's happening here, or can you provide an example of what you're searching for that isn't being shown? If you have private repositories that you'd rather not discuss publicly, you can email support to discuss: support @ bitbucket.org

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