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Issue #8724 resolved

500 errors on all applications

James Watkins
created an issue


Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous

    For past few days Bitbucket was working quite slowly and poorly, resulting in many timeouts and maybe some 500's on slow connections. Now, everything seems to be fine.

    Anyway, this is not a places for rising problems like this (temporal and server-related)! Use issues to bring bugs (or enhancement proposals), that are reproducible by many, all the time and are related to Bitbucket's engine (source code), not to server configuration or network condition!

  2. James Watkins reporter

    If that's the case, then there shouldn't be a link to this issue reporting page on the 500 pages. Or at least there should be a clearly visible disclaimer.

    I think many developers who use version control will agree that their source code is mission critical. The ability to report intermittent problems should be available and easily accessible.

  3. Anonymous

    In this case, please, forgive me for being to rude and to quick in judgement.

    Well... All I can say is that many people here agrees, that while Bitbucket is free in case of single developers or small teams, it certainly lacks many fundamental functions and features. The thing, you're writing about, is one of them.

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