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Issue #8730 resolved

Submodule Ref Changes not showed in Web interface (BB-10004)

chenyang liu
created an issue

In the web interface, the submodule revision update like below is not showed in the web interface. It's not showed in PR and commits if browsed from web. This causes some confusions.

Subproject commit c8a3f6ad4562744c2ecf557c7f89c62669108268
Subproject commit 2b5f899cdb882de2e5ffe748e887b52873a13e90

Comments (13)

  1. Patrick White

    This has recently bitten us a few times. It's very bad!!!

    It would be amazing if it showed a list of the commits that are different between the change, but just showing that it changed would save a lot of time having to open up 'raw commit' all the time.

  2. Dmitry Belyaev

    It's not a workaround. If you have changes in the files as well, you wouldn't remember to check the submodules if they are changed. So something important could be missed.

  3. Patrick White

    The only workaround that I found, was to send an email to myself for every commit in the settings, and then setup extensive rules to delete any commit that doesn't have a sub-module reference change. I tried the post-hook API but it also doesn't have the submodule reference change in it if I remember correctly.

    Very very lame.

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