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Issue #8751 closed

Can't Mark Pull Request As Merged When Using Squashed Merges (BB-9886)

Benjamin York
created an issue

Currently, my team's workflow is the following:

  • Create a new branch for every ticket.
  • Make all changes for that ticket to the branch.
  • Have someone else review the branch.
  • If issues found, have the submitter add new changes.
  • Else, use "git merge --squash" to merge the changes from the new branch back to the base branch.

We want to start using pull requests to help with code review but the current system does not recognize squashed merges and there is no way to manually mark a request as merged. This forces us to deny all pull requests in Bitbucket in order to close them.

Please update the pull request interface to either recognize squashed merges or allow the user to force the pull request into a "MERGED" status.


Comments (6)

  1. Thomas Sondergaard

    A work around is possible. Push the squashed commits to the pull request branch before merging the squashed commits to the target branch. That way the pull request will be updated and automatically marked as merged. Using this workaround it is important to make all comments on the big diff, not on the individual commits as those commits will disappear along with the pull request branch. If the comments are made on the big diff they seem to be associated with the pull request and a nice record is left.

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