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Issue #8776 resolved

REST API 2.0: Pull Request "Links" are Wrong (BB-9965)

created an issue

I have for this to sound crass but it seems like even the basic stuff with these new APIs don't work properly. For example, executing the following: https://bitbucket.org/api/2.0/repositories/pypy/pypy/pullrequests/93/commits gives me a sweet list of commits - everything is good so far. However, the "links" within the commits are completely wrong. The first "self" link: "href": "https://bitbucket.org/!api/2.0/repositories/pypy/pypy/commit/9fd1c9e7f3fc08a847202a143b69dedcb2b688bd" leads me to a 404. And when I inspect it, it's not even pointing to the right repository that commit was made on! Instead of "pypy/pypy" it should have been "mpavone/pypy". It doesn't even sound like these are tested...

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