Don't ask user to confirm email when they were invited (BB-9964)

Issue #8780 closed
Paulo Makdisse
created an issue

I got an email invitation to 'collaborate on code on Bitbucket'. (You've been invited to collaborate on code with xxx on Bitbucket) I accepted the invitation. Then I got a '[Bitbucket] Confirm your email address' with a link that will take me to my home page with the warning 'We were unable to confirm the email address. The validation email may have expired'.

Maybe the email confirmation is not necessary when I was invited?

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  1. Ralph Corderoy

    I suffered this. Then another email arrived, "Welcome to Bitbucket". Has both text/plain and text/html alternative parts. They differ substantially in content! One of the differences is the text/plain part has "Confirming your email address enables Bitbucket to better recognize your commits..." and this time the link is 404.

    Does "trivial" mean this bug is easy to fix or considered not much of a problem? I disagree if the latter as it's the first impression of Bitbucket and the user wants to be re-assured his account is indeed set up properly.

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