Unable to sync fork from feature branch of original repo

Issue #8789 wontfix
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I have created a fork "fork1" from my origiinal repo "topwave". Now if there is any commit happens on the master of topwave repo I could see the notification "You are 1 commit behind master" but whereas if there is any commit to feature branch "logger" in topwave repo i dont see similar notification.

Is this expected behaviour? Since we are creating fork for the entire repo any commit happens any branch should be notified in the fork isn't?

Thanks Sathya

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  1. Zachary Davis

    This is in fact intended behavior. The "Sync" functionality is designed to make it easy to keep the main branch of a fork up to date with the main branch of its parent. We understand that this might not catch all use cases, but we believe it's by far the most common one and the least likely to have unintended consequences.

    It is still possible to sync any two arbitrary branches across forks using the Compare functionality, there's just no handy notification that you're out of sync.

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