Syntax highlighting for Objective-J

Issue #8795 wontfix
Webmin created an issue

Supports syntax highlighting for Objective-J when editing. And when you view the changes in the code.

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Thanks for the suggestion. We use CodeMirror as the basis for our online editing experience, so we support syntax highlighting only for the languages that CodeMirror does. If Objective-J is similar to another "mode" (what CodeMirror calls supported languages), we are able to map the Objective-J extension to that mode.

  2. Webmin reporter

    Objective - J is similar to Objective - C. Objective - C so it is impossible to choose when editing. Why are all the same code highlighting works looking at the code for Objective-J, and when editing is not working?

  3. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    We use different libraries for syntax highlighting on the backend (in python) and on the front-end (in javascript). Ideally the capabilities of these libraries would be equivalent, but unfortunately that is not the case.

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