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Issue #8799 resolved

Pull request merging changes not included in its commits. (BB-10000)

Jurko Gospodnetić
created an issue

See hpk42/pytest repository's pull request # 98.

Its overview page states that it added file '/contribute.txt' and removed the file 'doc/en/contribute.txt'.

Its commits page on the other hand states that the pull request includes just commit 9545ee0 which in turn does not include any changes to any files named either '/contribute.txt' or 'doc/en/contribute.txt'.

Note also that the added '/contribute.txt' file has an invalid name, and that after merging this pull request the repository will be left in an invalid state and you will not be able to clone it or update to its head commit after pulling changes from it.

Files with 'contribute.txt' were part of something another developer (one that applied the pull request) was woking on at the moment, but should not have been detected as part of this pull request.

It is possible that something in either Mercurial or BitBucket's toolchain got confused by the changes in the pull request being on the default branch as a separate branch head instead of being on a separate named branch.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Jurko Gospodnetić

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