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Cloning and Pushing excruciatingly slow

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Hey Guys,

My colleagues and myself (colleagues working out of Redwood City, CA and me out of Boston, MA), are noticing long push and clone times.

I'm currently at home and I've checked my internet connection and things are fairly speedy (steady around 35 mbps according to speedtest and other sites such as facebook, google news, cnn open up fairly quick)

I've never had a problem cloning/pushing my repo code up to bitbucket, but today it's very slow.

(I've been stuck below for the last 5 to 10 mins now) Receiving objects: 45% (2980/6538), 4.66 MiB | 63.00 KiB/s

Any ideas?

Btw, sorry I do not know who to assign this too so I have chosen someone at random.

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  1. Jonas Bredin

    remote: Counting objects: 1364, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1080/1080), done. Receiving objects: 25% (341/1364), 940.00 KiB | 3.00 KiB/s

    ... I am on a 100 MB fiberline

  2. Alex Antonov

    Ok guys for all of you future SLOW IT NAHT WARKENG i managed to find out why - it's git guys. If you're on git - its slow, the bottleneck is not your connection speed, or Atlassian connection, its the way git handles files, each individual file should be processed in special - "slow" way. So basicly - more files, slower speed, disregarding files size.

    That's afaik ofc, i might me wrong.

  3. ytitov

    I'm having the same issue, I managed to get it to 45% by increasing the timeout from 30 seconds to 180 seconds and that helped a little. But still can't pull 100% of my branch, and just a few minutes ago got "SSL peer shutdown incorrectly." Internet is working just fine, pinging is fine... I don't get it.

  4. Philip Ryan

    I wish there was some more feedback via the bitbucket website app. I don't mind things being slow, but just would like to have some idea of the duration expected.

  5. Riad Djemili

    Having the same problem with a private repository. 20 KiB/s on a 100 MB connection. Total repository size is about 600 MB. Tried cloning the git mirror for testing and it was downloading that with over 1 MiB/s. We're on a unpaid plan. Could that be the reason?

  6. Shireesh Jayashetty

    I can tell you its not because you are a non-paying customer. I too am on an unpaid plan as of now. In my case, it turned out to be a firewall issue. Bypassing firewall is my current solution :)

  7. Riad Djemili

    Small Update. Was able to load with nearly 1 MiB/s when I tried a couple of hours later. I don't think that it was related to firewall in my case as I was able to download the git mirror with high speed before.

  8. Kyle Savage

    In case this helps anyone else: I was having the same issue (averaging about 50 KiB/s on a healthy 50mbps connection). Following the Network Troubleshooting Guide posted above, the first test of cloning the git mirror went very fast, averaging 2.5 MiB/s. In that test I noticed that their clone url ended in .git ("git clone"), but the command I used for cloning my own repo did not. So I stopped my painfully slow repo clone, grabbed the proper url provided by the repo's Clone action (under the "..." button near the top of the left-hand sidebar), and had a successful fast download of a nearly 1.7GB repo with steady speeds around 3 MiB/s.

    So I can't say for sure if the change in my commands made a difference, or if it was just a matter of stopping and restarting that did the trick, but there's definitely nothing slow about bitbucket!

    Original command:

    git clone[private]/[repo name]

    New command:

    git clone[private]/[repo name].git
  9. Jason Stokes

    Why has this been marked invalid? I've just created a few repos and now trying to push and it's creeping. I haven't had this issue before. I think this is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.

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