Default reviewers for pull requests (BB-9992)

Issue #8810 resolved
Aron Georgel
created an issue

I would love to be able to add a set of code reviewers from our team for our commits and automatically give them an email notification rather then trying to figure out their bitbucket ID and using only @ mentions.

Would it also be possible to also set up a default, always listed, code reviewer for a given repository?

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  1. Marcos Scriven

    Just searched for this issue - and found it had already been raised. This is a really important feature I think if you're meant to 'own' a project, and other people don't know that.

  2. Danny Gehl

    That would be extremely helpful to simplify code gatekeeping. Currently I have to ask all developers to add certain people as reviewers when creating a pull request. Just having a default list of them as "proposal" would already be extremely helpful.

  3. Andrew Tritt

    I just searched for this functionality and came across this issue. Looks like there's plenty of requests, but I'll just add one more for good measure. It would be extremely useful for us to have default reviewers for all pull requests that are always required to review in addition to the reviewers added to the pull request.

  4. Noon Silk

    yeah, this would be handy, and, as mentioned in a prior issue, not having the insanely retarded feature of allowing the selection of people who don't have access to the repo, in the review list.

    the little typey box thing with auto-pop-up of names you just do NOT care about is the worst. the WORST jerry.

  5. Zachary Davis

    Hi all,

    Thanks for you interest. This is something we're planning to provide in the near term. As usual, I can't give a firm timeline but it is something we're hoping to release soonish.


  6. Scott Talevich

    Would it be possible to add the functionality to set default reviewers for certain branches, or branches matching a naming scheme like we can with security/permissions?

  7. Kevin Smith

    This change is for default reviewers per repository. With large teams working on a single project, each user may have a different set of preferred default reviewers.

    @Zachary Davis, is there already another ticket for a more granular default reviewers per user? I was unable to find one.

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