Every commit was posted to FTPLoy (BB-9988)

Issue #8821 closed
Simon Erkelens
created an issue

My last hotfix was pushed just fine. But the payload send to FTPLoy included EVERY commit since the last master-release. That shouldn't have happened, since they aren't in master at all yet. As you can see in the attachment, only commit 5a2db74 and 084a4c4 should have been posted to FTPloy, but somehow, all commits inbetween also got posted.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Were these commits on your local machine only until the merge? We POST all new commits when you push. This means, if you had been pushing multiple branches up all along, when you merged, only that commit would have been POST'ed to FTPloy. It is actually a flaw in the design of the POST Hook. See #7775 for more details on that issue.

  2. Simon Erkelens reporter

    The commits themselves were already pushed. But starting a hotfix (which uses the master as base) and pushing said hotfix, suddenly included the commit & push items to the develop-branch as well. In my opinion, no commit to branch X should be posted to any service that relies on branch Y. No matter what. Is that a strange thing to think?

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