Create git branch from web with existing branch + "/" prefix yields 500 and 404 errors (BB-10036)

Issue #8871 closed
Frode Moe
created an issue

It seems the "create branch" feature on the web site doesn't properly prevent creating branches that appear as a "subdirectory" of an existing branch.

I made a test repository here:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a branch through the web interface, for example "test"
  2. Create another branch through the web interface, like "test/another"


  • Step 2 produces a 500 "something went wrong" page (this may be useful in debugging the problem: a3b120c0f7e9461194d4b63a4b8fca30 )
  • The invalid branch is still listed in the project's recent activity feed + the dashboard recent activity feed
  • Clicking the link to the invalid branch yields a 404 page.
  • The branch doesn't actually exist and doesn't appear in the branches page (as expected)

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