Issue #8872 duplicate
Evgeniy Klimenko
created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

1) Wiki -> Edit Home

2) Ensure that syntax is markdown is selected.

3) Post the following tag:


4) Click Save

Expected result: TOC with links to other pages.

Actual result: empty page content.

Please fix the TOC, without marking of this issue as duplicate, because the [TOC] tag still not working for the Home page and the markdown syntax.

Comments (5)

  1. Brian Nguyen


    The TOC macro is designed to show you a numbered list of the headings on the current page. It is not designed to show you links to other pages in the wiki.

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to list all pages on a site. There is an open issue for that at #2659. Please watch the issue for further updates.

    Cheers, Brian

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