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Issue #8873 wontfix

Extend deployment keys to allow both: read/write

Marc Weber
created an issue

Use case: http://vim-wiki.mawercer.de/wiki/index.html worked fine with github: use a small script to sync online edits with github repository.

For (least priviledge) reasons it would be nice if the same could be done @ bitbucket: Create a new key which only gets write access to https://bitbucket.org/vimcommunity/vim-git-wiki so that online changes can be pushed automatically.

Deployment keys get close: They allow to upload a key and associated it with one repository only. But you cannot push. Thus I recommend extending deployment keys adding an option allowing the user to choose between read only (current behaviour, should be default) and (rw, opt-in) - for some special use cases like mine

Of course I could create a new user and grant access to the repository. However I feel that's overkill.

I talked to Jesse Yowell (support) who suggested me creating a ticket (BBS-7401)

Marc Weber

Comments (2)

  1. Gergely Risko

    Hmm, I'm just saying that in the long run behaving like this with customers will definitely "adversely affect your billing"...

    I know I'm talking to engineers and you are not the decision makers, so will just leave this message here, no need to answer.

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