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Issue #8877 resolved

Getting "500 Something went wrong" on repo directory

created an issue

The following directory in our repository is not longer accessible:


Trying to access the page returns a "500 Something went wrong" page. The page lists a debugging code: 01b2ae0787774c4f9ceaf2381a6382b4

Note, all recent commits in this directory are still visible through the commits list at


The data is evidently still there, but the web interface seems to be broken.

Please can you look into this so we can continue to work on the files in that directory, thanks.

Comments (3)

  1. Brian Nguyen


    The repository looks to be working again.

    The error that you referenced is related to a problem with a stale cache. Do you know what happened to the repository, just before page became broken?

    Cheers, Brian

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