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Issue #8882 resolved

Add an API to list a user's teams (BB-10039)

Erik van Zijst
staff created an issue

It should be possible to obtain a list of all the teams the currently logged in user is a member of.

Comments (9)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff reporter

    This now possible through the use of the ?role=[admin|contributor|member] query parameter on the teams endpoint.

    Documentation is still being written (cc: Daniel Stevens), so here's a quick scoop:

    GET /2.0/teams?role=[admin|contributor|member]
    • admin -- all teams that the current user has admin access on
    • contributor -- all teams that the current user has contributor/collaborator access on
    • member -- all teams that the current user is a member of (includes teams where the user is only in a group and doesn't have default repository access)
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