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Issue #8884 resolved

Repository creator (team admin ) does not have access to private forks by other team members

Atul Bhouraskar
created an issue

Consider a private team with an admin member. The workflow adopted is 'forking'.

a) The admin member creates a private repository and assign it to the team as owner.

b) The access page now shows <team name> as owner and <admin name> as creator.

c) Some team members are given read access to this repository.

d) These team members privately fork the repository (ensuring that permissions are inherited) and begin work.

e) The admin member sees 0 forks on the repository and cannot monitor the team's copies.

f) The admin member cannot be granted any further access as he/she already is 'creator'.

g) Workaround is that if logged in with the team username the number of forks are correctly reported and the member's repos can be watched.

h) However as team logins are soon to be deprecated this will not be possible at all.

In my opinion this is critical functionality for private teams working with a forking workflow.

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  1. Brian Nguyen


    For a team setup such as this, we recommend a branching model instead. This way all developers share the same repository and everyone can view all the work from everyone else. To ensure that your master branch doesn't get directly committed to, we have also created branch permissions to help you secure your production branches. Then, only designated people with write access to the branches can merge in Pull Requests. With this, you get the added benefit of all the work being in one central place.

    If you remain on the forking model, we would suggest using the single team account for all forks. This way, everyone can retain access. A naming convention would help differentiate the repos from each other. Since we have no limit on the number of private repositories, this should also work for you.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Atul Bhouraskar reporter

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks very much for your response.

    I'm still confused about your last paragraph where you mention using the 'single team account for all forks'.

    Do you mean 'login with the team account' to monitor private forks? But isn't that going to be impossible later this month?

  3. Brian Nguyen


    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that, when you create a fork, rather than creating it under your own account, create it under the team account.

    Administrators of the team can then access the forks without the user having to grant it to them.

    Cheers, Brian

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