ERROR: Error creating Git remote when pushing a repository

Issue #8890 resolved
Christophe Alexandre
created an issue

Hi when I try to push my repository by: java -jar ../svn-migration-scripts.jar bitbucket-push account team repname

I get an error: ERROR: Error creating Git remote: zsh: exit 1 java -jar ../svn-migration-scripts.jar bitbucket-push user team

On bitbucket, I see an empty rep appear.

This may due to the fact that, the first time, I stopped the push at the middle of the process (I had made an error in the rep name). Since, even If I delete the repository, I always get this error.

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  1. Brian Nguyen


    It looks like the migration script is having issues adding a remote repository to your project. Can you try the following commands:

    git remote show bitbucket
    git remote add bitbucket

    This will help us, work out what is going wrong.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Christophe Alexandre reporter

    Hi, I've managed to solve this issue, by deleting the git repository and by starting the upload and repository process from scratch (my start point is a subversion rep). So it looks like something was corrupted somewhere between my local git rep and the empty git rep on bitbucket. So I'm not able to lauch the commands on the problematic rep. Sorry for that.

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