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Gravatars stops being displayed on Bitbucket, if only they have rating any higher than G (general). This is way to tough, in my opinion. You should consider allowing at least PG (parental guidance) rated gravatars.'s definition for PG is: "PG rated gravatars may contain rude gestures, provocatively dressed individuals, the lesser swear words, or mild violence". That isn't to high, as for developers, right? :]

I don't know, if this is valuable, but as my supporting argument, I say, that entire Stack Exchange network (quite very similar to Butbucket, at least in terms of target audience -- developers) allows gravatars rated at PG and only blocks R or X rated ones.

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Tomasz,

    We chatted about this internally. We decided that since Bitbucket can be used at work or as an academic account, that the we wouldn't be comfortable allowing PG rated avatars in these environments.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Brian,

    Well... it's your system, so it's your decision. However, let me shortly explain you, why do I think, that your arguments aren't too strong? :>

    I would have some sense, if uploading own avatar would be blocked, as previously.

    But now, since this functionality is available, nothing actually can stop me or anyone else before uploading whatever he or she wants. I don't think you have anything about this in rules and most certainly you don't have a position in a team of person being responsible for checking, if any of millions (?) Bitbucket users' photo isn't too offensive, right?

    So the fact, that you block using PG (or even higher-rated) gravatars has nothing to do with the fact, that Bitbucket is being used by academics or even by kids. It is just a small, but annoying thing that will make some users live just a little bit harder.

    But it most certainly won't block anyone from using "inproper" avatars.

    And that is my main argument (that hasn't been changed even though your decision), why PG rated gravatars should be allowed.

    Cheers, Tomasz

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