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Issue #8905 closed

When resolving wiki page URLs, always display exact matches first (BB-10138)

henry w
created an issue

we have a markdown wiki page (only the second wiki page we have tried.) which almost always shows a view from one of the first commits. if you go to edit it online you always see the page with all its data. this is the problem page: https://bitbucket.org/erudine/v3withbranches/wiki/v3Functions.md

Comments (9)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Henry,

    When I look at that page, it appears to be showing the last commit. Do you know what commit is being rendered for you? You can work out the commit by looking through the history of the page.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Jonathan Mooring staff

    henry w,

    Sorry for the slow response. While there is definitely a bug in how we choose which page to display based on the URL, the core problem here is that you have two files in your wiki repository: v3Functions.md and v3Functions.md.md. If you clone down the repository and delete the outdated page, I'd imagine the problems would be cleared up. Please try this and let me know if you still see this issue.


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