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Issue #8926 closed

Issue exports should contain contain a markup field per issue/comment (BB-10088)

Erik van Zijst
staff created an issue

Bitbucket issues and issue comments and rendered as Markdown. However, prior to Oct 4th 2012 everything was Creole. Bitbucket still applies Markup based on the issue's timestamp so that old content continues to render in Creole.

However, when converting content from an external, Markdown-only issue tracker to Bitbucket, anything with a timestamp prior to Oct 4th 2012 incorrectly gets rendered as Creole.

So issue exports should be extended to contain the actual markup language for the content. This requires a database change on our end, as this data is not currently tracked.

Comments (4)

  1. Michael Bayer

    hm, but editing an old issue then converts to markdown, so your system is capable of persisting a pre- 10/2012 text with markdown, i guess this is via the updated_on field. I tried uploading an import file with a purposely post-10/2012 updated_on field and it didnt seem to work, perhaps the "updated_on" from the import file just needs to be interpreted, at least as a more immediate workaround.

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