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Adam Prendergast
created an issue

I have two seperate professional Bit Bucket accounts for work for different companies.

My newly created company account has the name of a really old team I was in under the commits tab only.

This is really worrying as the two accounts are completely un-linked.

How could this happen? I have tried clearing cookies but no avail?

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  1. Anonymous

    I see this issue now as well. In my case the author shows up as an old group name that I left a while ago. Weird...

    Following the instructions did not solve the problem.

    Help please.

  2. Cory Jones

    I am having this issue as well. My author is also showing up as an old group name that I left a while ago. Following the instructions also did not help. It's seems to be a BitBucket thing, not a Git thing as I am not even using the same computer I was when I was a part of the old group.

  3. Mark Schnittman

    I am having the same problem. This issue should not be marked as resolved.

    In my case, I have two accounts. Account A is my personal account. Account B is my professional account. I have one email address that used to be associated with Account A. I have since deleted it. That same email address is now associated with Account B. When I make commits with git set to this email address the avatar and name in the Bitbucket commit list is that off Account A (where my email address used to be associated), not Account B (where that email address is now associated).

    I definitely have my set correctly. I know this because I changed it to a junk value (e.g. a@b) and did a commit which showed up with the question mark icon and the correct from Account B. But when I set the address back to the proper email address, commits go back to showing up with the avatar and user name from Account A.

    It seems pretty clear that there is a bug when you delete an email address from one account and then use it with another, that the system still thinks that email address is associated with the old account. At least for the purposes of grabbing the value.

  4. Mark Schnittman

    My issue was that I had an old username alias that I had forgotten about. If you think this might be your issue too you can check by going to the settings section of the repo in question and clicking on "Username aliases" under the "General" section. Good luck!

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