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Issue #8936 invalid

Bitbucket showing plan limit exceeded for fifth user despite having only five users

Cheenu Madan
created an issue


  1. Had added five users before to a private repo (/foobazlabs/pipeline)
  2. Deleted one of these five users
  3. Added a new user
  4. When the user signs up from the invite email and tries to access the repo, it shows a message stating that the plan limit of the repo has been exceeded

Comments (6)

  1. smoove

    This issue still exists. Trying to add a user to a repo and get the message that it's over the quota. However, only one user is listed under Accounts -> Billing. Also, no way to see what other users are added in the team so one could delete them.

  2. Marcell Kiss

    What solved my case: I removed participants just after detecting, that the limit is exceeded. It's not enough, you also have to remove the pending invitation and send it again. I hope it helps.

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