<author> tag dropped from RSS (BB-10200)

Issue #8939 resolved
Arjit C
created an issue


About 2 days ago or so, the <author> tag was dropped off the RSS feed, while I do understand that this was done to mask email IDs from the RSS feed, a suggestion to this would be to replace the email id in the <author> tag to the user's username, like in my case my username is arjitc, perhaps that could be used in the <author> tag ?

This would be much appreciated since I use this and perhaps others do too in their applications / code public changelogs which are generated from the RSS feed :)

Like in my case, the center row had the username in it which was derived from the <author> tag from the RSS feed which is now absent :/ http://imgsea.com/changelog

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  1. Arjit C reporter

    Thanks Jon, hope this can be added back, perhaps as an optional feature (?) and/or with the ability to use a "username/alias" instead of the email ID

    Many thanks!

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