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Augie Fackler
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I've got a couple repositories that I only keep up for archival reasons. It's actually slightly irritating (then again, I'm the type to garbage-collect forks often, so maybe I'm weird). It'd be really great if there was a way to indicate that a project was inactive (and maybe disallow all pushing to inactive-flagged repos?) so it wouldn't show in the quick-access repo dropdown list.

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  1. Rune Bromer

    I think we'll rethink the drop down menu a bit, and take this into consideration. From my point of view it would also be nice if there was some way to group the repositories. For example, it could be implemented so only "main" repositories were listed in the drop down but the second level would show all the forks. Ideas are very welcome.

  2. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    Not sure how to best do this in the UI, but I definitely see a need for it.

    Perhaps on the user's homepage, where you currently have a list of repositories and a "Create new" button, you could get a "Create group" button, and then just drag-drop repositories between groups? In the repositories dropdown, if you have groups created, you get the groups first and then a submenu under each group showing the repos in the group.

    If we add an "archived" flag for repos, then an "Archived" group would be automatically created for each user who owns or is reader/writer/admin for an archived repo. Eventually that group would fill up, so perhaps it doesn't need to be in the dropdown at all, just on the homepage?

  3. Oleg Shparber

    Any updates on this issue? It would be great to have an ability to archve a repo. Archiving repository should remove all its users except owner and hide it from the list (special page in account admin for archived repos seems would be ok).

  4. semente

    I just think my dashboard has a lot of repositories and this could remove those "not used anymore" from it. Anyway, some other way to organize our repositories could solve this issue as well.

  5. Christopher Bautista

    Archiving repositories would be great so that we would only see the repositories we are currently working on in our profile page. Then there would be another tab called "Archived repositories" where it will show all the archived repos. It doesn't necessarily have to be that the archived repo would be "inactive" and that commits won't be accepted.

    Grouping/tagging repositories would be great as well.

  6. Samuel Haddad

    Overall there really needs to be some way to organize as identified by the 150+ votes for Issue 2323 I mean if you could just create ab archive folder that would meet so many users needs.

    The one thing this ticket mentioned that I think should be taken into account is the disable all pushes to a repository, but I think you could do that by making an archive group with read only access.

  7. Anonymous

    Another vote for archiving a repository feature! I have a project that has been completed, and I'm not sure if I ever start working on it again - it would be great to keep its history and stop displaying it in the list of active projects.

    Thanks for the great service!

  8. Aaron Hilton

    @Victor Blomberg this is a case where the voting system breaks down. The only people seriously affected by this ticket, and needing "Archived" or "Inactive" flagging functionality are power users that are actively using BitBucket in a production capacity. It would make sense if our votes carried a monetary weighting by company/group so this issue appears on the radar and can be fairly evaluated with the other issues. But votes alone will never really make this issue rise to the top.

  9. Mike Gruen

    So, after year of being ignored, we're considering creating multiple teams to organize our repos. Has anyone else tried this approach?

    +1 on t-shirt, too

  10. Kelvin Del Monte

    @Mike Gruen that is the approach that I have used for my organization for about a year now. It does comes at a price if you have more than 5 users on the "Archived" team though.

    I suspect that Atlassian knows that if it closes this issue they will automatically lose money. :-1:

  11. Pablo Funes

    I've considered marking my inactive repos with some unused language such as Ada, now you can use the languages tab to get clean views that exclude archived projects.

  12. Dave Amphlett

    +1 - or at the very least, show the first 100 characters or so of the repo description on the Dashboard - overview page. A project name often isn't enough to identify a project from years ago!

  13. Luke Meyers

    Good point, @Dumont Cyrille. Could depend on how #2323 is implemented, though -- if they just do non-hierarchical tagging (vs. something more like a directory tree that naturally supports a collapsing-tree GUI), that wouldn't accomplish the goal of reducing clutter.

  14. Benjamin Echols

    Your team can now group unused repositories into an "Archive" project to separate them from repositories under active development. We're not planning to do further work on archiving repositories at the moment.

  15. Robin Keet

    I would think there is some interest in a feature such as this. I know we do (else I wouldn't be on this page...). Perhaps reconsider this? Would help with the new layout for "Repositories" showing all repositories.

  16. Eskild Diderichsen

    Using the Projects feature as an Archive system doesn't work.
    You lose the project context of the repository and don't they still show up in your repositories and searches?

    The point of archiving something is that it is removed from the normal overviews and searches. But you can choose to also view/search archived stuff.

  17. Chris Almond

    I agree with Eskild - The suggested solution of grouping repositories into an Archive project doesn't work - It shows that the repository is in an "archive" project, but does not actually resolve the issue of cleaning up the main repository list at<team-account>/

    Currently, this repository list has an option to filter by "Public" or "Private" repositories (or the default: "All"). It would be really great if we could have a proper "Archive" option, which could then be used as a filter on the repository list to (hopefully by default) only show active projects, or (as an option) include archived projects.

  18. Sébastien GAUTRIN

    @bechols on 2016-04-14

    Your team can now group unused repositories into an "Archive" project to separate them from repositories under active development. We're not planning to do further work on archiving repositories at the moment.

    There is still a real need for this, and to be honest grouping old repositories in an “Archive” project does not cut it, really, for reasons already stated previously:

    • project still visible in the main repository list and other places listing repositories
    • you lose the context you had given it when filing it in a project in the first place

    Would you mind reconsidering this decision?

  19. Mark Hall

    Yeah this is still needed, Also not sure if this Benjamin Echols still works as the profile link is a 404 - not sure if they are even watching this thread ... @Atlassin some response would be appreciated

  20. Alex Silcock

    I find it slightly mad that this issue has been closed with only "move your repo to a separate project" proposed as a solution.

    The solution to this effectively amounts to a boolean field on a repo indicating whether the repo is archived, and then only non-archived repos should be shown in the Project view. I know that restrictions would need to be added to git pushes and other UI interactions, and a banner shown on archived repos, but that's all really.

    Please reconsider, Atlassian.

  21. Jason Kanaris


    Atlassian is still a good platform, but man have they gone downhill over the years. It's really a shame... just plain sad. They should have never went public and never taken the VC money.

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