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Issue #8941 invalid

Valid Subversion Import URL marked as "Unsupported protocol"

Jim Stevenson
created an issue

Selecting a Subversion repository at https://bitbucket.org/repo/import gives me the following clientside errors:

  • Not a valid URL.
  • Unsupported protocol. Please use 'http://', 'https://' , 'svn://' or 'git://.'

The site URL is in the following format (but every format seems to fail): https://svn.COMPANYNAME.net/Clients/COMPANYNAME/web/tools/CodeGen

Comments (2)

  1. Jon Mooring staff

    Hi Jim Stevenson,

    Is the URL available to the public internet? If it is behind a corporate firewall, we will not be able to access it in order to import it. I was able to successfully import the Subversion repository (meta) just now, so the importer seems to be working. If you continue to experience issues with that particular repository, please contact Support at https://support.atlassian.com and we would be happy to assist you further.


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