GitHub repository importer does not page through all repositories on account (BB-10127)

Issue #8971 duplicate
Gabe D
created an issue

I have a private repository on github I would like to import to bitbucket. Importing the repository through your is impossible as it doesn't even list it as an existing repository and actually it's completely missing from the list along with quite a few others. I already have imported it using the which I had significant trouble with also. As a side note you may want to tell users that if they have their github account linked they do not need to use the authentication fields as that actually hinders the import.

On the it is listing a total of 30 repositories on my github account. When github is telling me I have 75.

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  1. Robbie Bow

    I'm looking at moving an organization from github to bitbucket, but experience the same issue: none of the repos under the organization are listed when I use the import tool - only the repos under my personal account.


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