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Issue #8972 wontfix

Deleting repositories too easy.

Gabe D
created an issue

Honestly for a company that prides itself in security it's really really easy to delete a repository. 2 Clicks and gone? There really should be an email confirmation of deletion so that 1. the owner of the repository knows it's about to be deleted and 2. if you hit it by mistake it's not just gone. 3. if a hacker somehow manages to use the api to delete the repository it's not gone until you email confirm it's deletion.

Comments (1)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Gabe,

    We generally try to strike a balance between ease of use and cautiousness. There is a confirmation dialog when deleting a repository, describing exactly what the consequences of the action you are about to take are. We feel that this is sufficient to inform the user of the effect of their actions.


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