bitbucket will not work with Git Windows version

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Julian Darley
created an issue

(i am new to git and completely new to bitbucket. apologies in advance if i have offended any shibboleths or not included vital information.)

this is really a push issue i think, but i could not find a push category in the 'component' dropdown list, so i chose what seemed like the nearest item, namely 'pull requests'.

i am using git on windows 7, trying to push to bitbucket. i get this error:

$ git push -u origin --all # pushes up the repo and its refs for the first time fatal: could not read Password for '': No such file or directory

unless i am simply missing a vital step, i gather from stackoverflow etc that the problem is almost certainly caused by a bug in Git for windows. whilst i wait for the windows version of 1.9, is there any reasonably simple way around this? otherwise it means i simply cannot use bitbucket, and for the moment, will have to find another solution.

thanks, julian

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