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Issue #8996 resolved

garbled content attempting to download issue attachment

Michael Bayer
created an issue

Comments (7)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hey Michael Bayer,

    I noticed that you re-uploaded the attachment. I was able to download it and view the contents of the diff through both Chrome and Firefox (OS X 10.8, latest versions). Should I mark this as resolved or were you able to reproduce this problem in another issue?


  2. Michael Bayer reporter

    re-uploading it fixed the problem. Deleting the old one was a mistake, as I wanted you to look at it, but it's too late now so we'll have to close here. It was being interpreted as a jpg image for some reason, that was pretty much what happened.

  3. Michael Bayer reporter

    the old file has been removed and re-uploading fixed. while there's possibly some glitch in the issue importer that caused this, this issue isn't where we're going to find it.

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