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Issue #90 resolved
Ches Martin
created an issue

It's kind of odd that tags and branches take you to changesets. I'd expect a view of the source tree for the changeset of the tag, or the current state of the tree for a given branch.

Bitbucket doesn't seem to have a concept of browsing the entire source tree at a given changeset at this point, rather than browsing current files and individually seeing their history. Does that mean there's no way presently to see files that were deleted?

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    There's no way of doing this now, but it's definitely something that we want. The way that mercurial handles things internally makes this a little bit difficult, but we should be able to get around it.

  2. Ches Martin reporter

    Very nice! And that was quick :-)

    Especially love that just like I'd expect from hg, the 'View Revision' field happily accepts not only local rev numbers and short hashes, but tag names too. Well done!

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