Hosting Multiple Sites via Mercurial's .hgsub subrepositories (BB-10182)

Issue #9039 closed
James Mills
created an issue


Been playing around with Bitbucket's Multiple Hosted Websites feature and have found that this does not seem to work with Mercurial's .hgsub subrepository feature.


By all rights according to this above document, this should work.

For an example see:

This seems like an easy thing to fix because the subrepositories are normally just "checked out" full clones of the referenced repository. f Bitbucket is just simply not cloning and checking these out, then doing so would probably fix the issue?

cheers James

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    This is not currently supported. The subdirectory mentioned in the documentation really means subdirectory and not submodule or subrepo as might be inferred from its inclusion in the documentation.

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