v2 API support POST to /teams (BB-10181)

Issue #9072 open
Mek Karpeles created an issue

http://restbrowser.bitbucket.org/ lists a method of POSTing to create a team via


The https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Version+2 docs suggest the team API is/will be accessed via POST to (similar to groups in 1.0):


Currently, the former throws a Django traceback.

a) Which uri is/will be correct?

b) What is the ETA for this feature?

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  1. Mek Karpeles reporter

    @Dan Bennett any ETA on when the teams POST endpoint is to be released? It's critical to some of the automation we're working on for our project setup. A 'today', 'this week', 'this month' ballpark answer would be really helpful.

  2. Daniel Bennett Account Deactivated

    @mek, @carlos8k,

    Can you provide the use-case for creating teams via an API? Teams seem like reasonably rare objects to be stamping out en-masse via an API so understanding the use case can help us prioritize this feature or explore other solutions.

    • I apologize for the lack of a reply to your question, @mek. I must have missed the notification. :(
  3. carlos8k

    @Dan Bennett Our entire repository structure is based on teams. We work with several projects and each project has a team that has its associated users. Now we are in a process of automation and need the API allows the creation of teams, as well as adding users in them.

    This is so important for us, we are considering migrate to another version control system that has this functionality. Also, we are studying the migration to GitLab if there is not any position on this functionality.

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