CVS Tarballs Fork a WebCVS (BB-10185)

Issue #9073 closed
Michael Lawrence
created an issue

Fork a WebCVS IE souceforge , can goto a project long since abandoned. cvs dump the code via tarball , upload to a repo here. head to master whala

for that fact public forking of svn ie pentoo would be nice.... unfortunately system wont let me as of yet... I just want ebuilds etc.....

I have seen CVS2git etc..... however getting to run via console , I stand a better chance of winning the PGA tour (chance in hell) cvs2svn or cvs 2 git I cant get them to run to save my hide.

Mainly editing ebuilds or Sabayon Molecules.

Calling me a Developer HA!. just wanting to import abeni despite not know much python I'm willing to learn .... as it edits ebuilds.

for the Security researcher /Admin , i suck at code. but willing (forced) to learn

being able to upload a github or tarball zip etc. or repo public tarball

and fork it. would be a plus.

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