BB-reStructuredText does not support subscripts? (BB-10188)

Issue #9077 closed
Tom Roche
created an issue

I have a need for markup for both subscripts and tables in both READMEs and wikis. I thought BB-reST might satisfy this requirement, since reST supports both and BB supports reST for both READMEs and wikis.

I run debian with pandoc= installed, so I downloaded one of my README.mds, converted it to reST, and edited the output, eventually producing

When I convert that to PDF with

pandoc -r rst ./README.rst -o ./README.pdf

the output ( ) renders subscripts appropriately, so my syntax is pandoc-correct. (Unless pandoc's LaTeX renderer is correcting output from its reST renderer, which seems unlikely.) But the BB-reST renderer @ (or @ ) does not render the subscripts correctly. (BB-reST also has a problem rendering some links, for which I made a separate issue.)

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