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Issue #9078 wontfix

README.rst fails to render 1 {simple, pandoc-renderable} link

Tom Roche
created an issue

I have a need for markup for both subscripts and tables in both READMEs and wikis. I thought BB-reST might satisfy this requirement, since reST supports both and BB supports reST for both READMEs and wikis.

I run debian with pandoc= installed, so I downloaded one of my README.mds, converted it to reST, and edited the output, eventually producing https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/lightningnox/raw/dc5d1087f0741786b300d2676b2a500c72dcbf92/README.rst

When I convert that to PDF with

pandoc -r rst ./README.rst -o ./README.pdf

the output PDF renders appropriately. Thus I claim my README.rst is "pandoc-correct" ... unless pandoc's LaTeX renderer is correcting output from its reST renderer, which seems unlikely.

But the BB-reST renderer @ https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/lightningnox (or @ https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/lightningnox/src/dc5d1087f0741786b300d2676b2a500c72dcbf92/README.rst?at=master ) fails to render 1 of the many simple links in that README.rst: the second link in the first sentence of paragraph=summary (near top of page). Again, this link, as well as all the others, was rendered correctly by pandoc (see top of PDF p1/5) from the same source README.rst.

Note that BB-reST also fails to render subscripts correctly, which also may be causing its failure to render another, subscript-containing link in TODO 4/9 (near bottom of page). However

Comments (2)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Tom,

    We're using docutils—the official/reference reST implementation—to render reST documents on Bitbucket. It does not support references that occur in the middle of a word.

    In other words, this won't work:


    but this will:

    foo `bar`_
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