Fatal error setting up repo

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I'm new here and i've used git before but still pretty clueless. I just went to set up a new repository and followed the steps. When I got to

git push -u origin master

I got this response:

fatal: https://(me)@bitbucket.org/(me)/222-projecject.git/info/refs?service=git-receive-pack not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?

Note the typo "projecject". I don't know where that came from. I am following the instructions without knowing exactly what they mean so it's hard for me to figure out what went wrong.

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    git remote commands will allow you update the URLs used by git. Try git remote -v to see a list of currently known URLs to your git repo.

    In this specific case using git remote set-url origin https://(you)@bitbucket.org/(you)/222-project.git should fix your problems.

    For more information it may be beneficial to view these tutorials:

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