Inconsistent usage of username/full-name in commit emails (BB-10196)

Issue #9093 closed
Rich Whitsell
created an issue

Our company has a team on BitBucket. We've added an email diff hook to our main repository. I've noticed that for most team members the commit email subject always uses the full name (i.e. "commit/java: Joe Smith") but for other users the commit email subject always uses the username (i.e. "commit/java: djones").

It's not a big deal, but the inconsistency is puzzling.

I'm one of the latter users (always the username). My first name and last name are set on the account. I've tried fiddling with everything I could think of (SSH keys, etc.) to no effect.

The only thing that might matter is that I and the two other users who are username-only in the emails had at some point changed the username on our account. I'm wondering if that permanently disconnected some user information on the backend somehow.

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